Ritsu Mizutani
Lead Audio Designer

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If you love video games, most likely you’ve heard Ritsu Mizutani’s work. For the past decade he has overseen audio effects for Square Enix’s Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Bravely Default titles. When offered a role to work with one of his favorite studios, thatgamecompany, Ritsu promptly relocated from Japan to the US to start working as lead sound designer on the team’s next game. He is excited to collaborate with an intimate team and take new challenges.

Ritsu loved playing video games as a child and remembers being fascinated by video game sound effects for Tetris on the Game Boy and King’s Knight on the NES.  Whether or not he had played the game, he found great joy and delight in listening to cassette tapes of old school game audio. It wasn’t long before Ritsu found himself in the trenches of sound design with hopes to bring an elevated emotional experience to all of his interactive audio works.

With boundless curiosity and passion for great sound, Ritsu also keeps busy developing audio for a variety of fun films and interactive projects. He’s worked on the award-winning experimental film “O: Les aments d’eau-” and the latest VRMMO attraction “Sword Art Online: The Beginning” in partnership with IBM.