Mike Lester
Lead Engineer

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After graduation from a small Midwestern engineering school, and a short stint at a large software company in Redmond, Washington, Mike snuck his way into the game industry (and at the company of his dreams, no less).

Denied the opportunity to own video games during his golden years, Mike swore he would someday create them. He feels impassioned about all things graphics and GPU, and loves hunting down a good optimization. His favorite part of game development is the feeling of creating a little universe, a virtual diorama, and he abhors aliasing and other immersion-breaking artifacts.

Seemingly the employee with the fewest ties to the game industry, and somewhat behind on his contemporary games, Mike is constantly wondering what the hell everyone is talking about during lunch. In his spare time, he plots to bring the glorious game of foosball to the ping-pong-ridden office of TGC.