Jeffrey Exterkate
Principal Engineer

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Through tech-inspired movies and television series like Star Trek, Jeffrey discovered his passion for computers at a young age.  When he first started getting access to a modem, he experienced what it was like to be connected to the world via the PC demo group and later through the internet.  By participating in the PC demo scene in The Netherlands, he joined forces with friends at a small game studio, who eventually were acquired by Sony and became ‘Guerrilla Games.’

At Guerrilla Games, Jeffrey worked on the award-winning Killzone series where he squeezed the most out of the PlayStation 2, PSP and PlayStation3 technologies for the franchise. Jeffrey then moved on to work on a brand new Star Wars title at LucasArts.  When the game became postponed indefinitely, he decided to move to Hollywood to expand his horizons and work at a startup company that focused on sci-fi movie user interfaces and producing user interface concepts at scale.

Jeffrey is now the Principal Engineer at thatgamecompany, where he combines his experience and his passion for games, user interaction and scalable technologies, all under one roof.