Life at thatgamecompany

thatgamecompany is an award winning game developer that sees games as an entertainment medium, not just a software product. We design and develop artistically crafted, broadly accessible video games that push the boundaries of interactive entertainment.

By shifting our perspective on what it means to create a game, TGC aims to create a welcoming environment where video game developers can come together to create truly great and innovative games. We seek talent that values integrity and personal growth within an environment of intense collaboration and experimentation.

All full-time positions offer an industry competitive package of salary and benefits and are on-site in our office located in Santa Monica, California - neighboring Riot Games and Naughty Dog. We are funded by Benchmark Capital and are looking for exceptional, diverse talent to grow our studio.

If you feel an affinity for our work and wish to make a meaningful contribution to our mission, please apply here.

Current Openings…


Server Engineer

We are a small studio dedicated to crafting unique and high quality interactive experiences, and we are looking for someone to explore how to bring these experiences to an online platform for a global audience. We began incorporating online interactions into our last game, Journey, and we’d like to develop the online multiplayer gameplay even further in our next game.

As a member of the team, you will be responsible for prototyping and problem-solving for our future server infrastructure and internal tools. We are building this system from the ground up and we’re in the process of discovering our future game design, and need someone on board to iterate with us, specifically on the server-side.

This role requires a candidate who:

  • Has a solid history of programming, either on your own or as part of a small team
  • Is fluent in a language like C++ or Java
  • Has a keen and demonstrable interest in writing server software
  • Has knowledge of and opinions on different approaches to managing network communication, resource scaling, reliability, and data tracking/analysis
  • Respects design that provides a wholly-satisfying end-user experience
  • Desires to see the medium of video games grow and mature

You will be more likely to enjoy this job if you:

  • Prefer the dynamics of a small studio environment
  • Are a self-starter with a desire to take on new challenges, fail, and start over
  • Embrace uncertainty, think on your feet and have the ability to rapidly pick up new knowledge
  • Have a desire to tackle complex game server issues and come up with unconventional solutions

All applicants should provide a github link or recent code samples for review.