Reflecting on TGC’s 10th Birthday

Posted by on May 23rd, 2016


This past week brought us the 10th birthday of thatgamecompany. I can’t avoid but feel overwhelmed with mixed emotions. It’s a self contemplating week for many of us at TGC.

10 years ago, we were fresh out of game design school. With a handful of heartwarming letters from fans of our student games, we were young and naive enough to believe that we could start a game studio out of thin air and nudge the game industry towards a better future. We started TGC to push the envelope of what video games could be. Particularly, to create emotions and experiences that are deeper and broader beyond the status quo, something meaningful and valuable not just for the stereotypical hardcore gamers but also for their most loved ones that they want to share the gaming culture with.


Sometimes I feel I’m a video game evangelist. We love video games, we would like to share the things we love with the rest of the world. Video game as a medium is often regarded as the 9th Art Form by developers and critics. And yet, the majority of people I run into have never experienced the beauty of it. I’m sure I’m not the only one here when I say my family and closest friends outside the game industry perceive video gaming to be like Rock ’n’ Roll music when it first debuted. There’s just very little there accessible and relevant for them. I just wish they could understand us one day.

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Back in September, we asked you what questions you had for Composer Vincent Diamante (Cloud, Flower, New Game) and Feel Engineer Adam Lederer (New Game).  We picked some of the best answers and answered them.  Be prepared, though, because these are some epic answers:

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Cross-posted from the U.S. PlayStation Blog on behalf of Jack Buser.

It is an incredibly exciting time for PlayStation Network and PlayStation Plus. This week we not only saw a midnight launch of Mass Effect 3 on PlayStation Network, day and date with the retail release, but we offered access to one of the best games of the year and one of the best downloadable games ever—Journey—a whole week early to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Every month PlayStation Plus subscribers are getting more and more great content out of their subscriptions, and this week’s early access marked a new milestone.

PlayStation Plus now not only offers gamers early access to demos and betas but also to full downloadable games, in addition to the tons of free and discounted content and extra exclusive features like online storage for game saves and automatic updates. That’s why we are so excited to be able to deliver Journey, one of the most highly-anticipated games of the year, to our most die-hard fans, our PS Plus subscribers, a whole week early so they can experience it before everyone else.

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Walk With the Creators of Journey

Posted by on March 2nd, 2012

Cross Posted here from the U.S. PlayStation Blog on behalf of Kellee Santiago.

Hello again, everybody! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm after we announced the release date for Journey as March 13. It’s really the juice that has kept us going over these last three years. We’re anxiously awaiting the time when we’ll be able to see you all online and hear what you think of Journey. So we are bundles of nerves and energy right now! The first reviews of the game are starting to hit, and we’re extremely excited that reviewers seem to understand what we set out to achieve.


To help distract us from the pre-launch jitters, we recently had a small wrap party, in the same we did for flOw and Flower – by hosting a house party at the home of our former USC game design professor, and now friend, Tracy Fullerton. We like this kind of celebration because it’s just a friendly gathering for friends, family, and of course, Journey.

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Get To Know thatgamecompany’s Bryan Singh

Posted by on April 4th, 2011

Get To Know Bryan Singh of thatgamecompany

This week, we bring you an interview of our own Bryan Singh:
What sorts of things do you do on a daily basis for TGC?

Bryan Singh:  I’m a technical game designer here at thatgamecompany and what that means is I do a lot of mechanics design and implementation, level design and implementation, and programming and engineering. I’m part of that bridge between the engineering and design disciplines.

How long have you worked for TGC?

Bryan: I’ve worked here for almost two years now. I started here June of 2009, at the beginning of Journey.

@hungryfiilmmaker:  Why not thatmoviecompany or thatcomicbookcompany?  Why are games your medium of choice?

Bryan:  I’ve actually asked myself this a lot of times. I like doing a lot of stuff and I don’t know if I do consider myself restricted to games. Growing up, games have always been around and they’ve had an impact on me, so that’s what I’ve grabbed onto.

I think thatgamecompany chose games because we’re one of the first generations to have grown up with digital games and we are seeing how much they can affect people. We want to help make games that affect people in the right way.

@BmFGrimReaper:  What’s an average day for a programmer?  And what are the average hours? (9-5 or 9 until it’s done?)

Bryan:  Everyone has the same hours.  Our core hours are about 10:30-7. We start a little bit late – that’s kind of the norm for the games industry.   As far as pushing nonstop until it’s done, we try very consciously not to do that. We really strongly believe that if something’s not done on time, killing yourself to try to get it done just won’t produce quality work.

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