So, yeah! This week only,  flOw and Flower are both on sale for 30% off for everyone in North America, and 50% off for PS+ subscribers in North America.  The sale also includes most of the other content related to flOw and Flower, such as the flOw expansion pack, Flower avatars, and a dynamic theme.

Also, we made a Journey demo!  It’s short and doesn’t have multiplayer, so you’ll have to buy the whole game in order to experience multiplayer.  Still, you can surf around in the happy sand land for as long as you want, or until you do want to buy the full game.

Check out the prices of everything after the break.

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Happy Birthday, thatgamecompany!


TGC’s sixth birthday is here and we’re bursting with enthusiasm for our next game-in-progress. We’ve spent the past few weeks channeling our creative energy towards a project we’re really excited about developing, and we hope our fans will be as just excited when the official announcement comes out later this year.

TGC is also pleased to welcome back a familiar face and introduce a new one here at thatgamecompany. We’ve teamed up once again with Vincent Diamante from Cloud and Flower as our in-house Audio Director and brought on Sunni Pavlovic as our new Studio Manager.


Sunni Pavlovic (L), Studio Manager and Vincent Diamante (R), Audio Director 

With regards to her new role as TGC’s Studio Manager, Pavlovic said “Being part of thatgamecompany is such an honor and I feel the team we’re creating has a really great fit. I’m looking forward to interacting closely with our fans and extending the same level of care TGC is known for with its games to all avenues of what we do.”

Diamante followed up with “TGC is in a really neat place: so familiar in terms of people and processes and emotions, but still very different from where the video game industry was the last time I teamed up with them. It should be a great ride.” 

Gazing forward, the future appears brighter than ever for TGC as we move into uncharted territory for ourselves, our fans, and our games. And so, on this meaningful day, we’d like to send a huge thank you to all our fans for keeping us going strong, six years and counting!


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The Art of Video Games exhibit opened up in March to great fanfare from people all over the United States, and thatgamecompany was there to see it open.  Kellee Santiago was part of a panel on Friday, and Robin Hunicke had her own talk on Saturday evening.  We also had our first East Coast Community Meetup on Saturday afternoon, as well.

flOw (PC) and Flower (PS3) were both in the exhibit, and Flower is one of the five playable games, sitting alongside Myst, Super Mario Bros., Pacman, and The Secret of Monkey Island.  It is an amazing honor to have Flower playable in the exhibit, let alone having flow and Flower just being there!  We are very thankful to the exhibit’s curator, Chris Melissinos, everyone at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and everyone else who volunteered and helped out with the exhibit.

If you want to see some pictures from the opening weekend events and links for the photos on Facebook, click the “Read More” button:

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It’s been more than five years, but the flOw soundtrack is finally available for purchase on iTunes and the PlayStation Network!

To thank people for waiting so long for the soundtrack, Austin made some completely new tracks and improvements, such as having Tina Guo, who played the amazing cello music for our latest game Journey, in one of the tracks!  The soundtrack has ten songs on it and is available for around US$5 worldwide on iTunes, and on the PlayStation Network for the same price in North America and Europe.  Here’s the link for iTunes:

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