thatgamecompany is Five Years Old!

Posted by on May 19th, 2011

thatgamecompany turned five years old today (Editor’s mistake: Yesterday, oops!), so here’s some cake that’s not a lie!

thatgamecompany Birthday Cake

It’s been a great five years, with our third game coming out soon, and we are looking forward to another five great years making games that challenge the traditional meaning of games and appeal to hardcore, dormant, and non-gamers.

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The Art of Video Games

The Smithsonian American Art Museum just announced that flOw PC and Flower (Pictured) will be part of the exhibit taking place next year called The Art of Video Games!

Flower was up against Super Stardust HD (one game I have played many, many, many times) and PixelJunk Shooter, and flOw was up against Shatter and Everyday Shooter (one game I have played many, many, many times).  All awesome games and really fun, and congratulations for Q Games, Jonathan Mak/Queasy Games, Sidhe Interactive, and Housemarque for being nominated!  And congratulations to every other game developer who has had their game nominated or chosen to be part of this amazing exhibit!

Here are some links:

Art of Video Games website:
PDF of all the winners:
The exhibit page at the American Art Museum’s website:

Again, all of these games nominated and voted in are showing everyone that games can be so much more and have impacted millions of lives.  We would like to sincerely thank each of you for playing our games, supporting us in your emails and comments, and sharing our games with your friends and family.  You truly do inspire us.

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