At the CineVegas Film Festival this year, the festival will be partnering with Planet Illogica to give an award for Excellence in New Media.  This year will be the first year for the award, which will be given to Kellee Santiago and Jenova Chen. 


We are so honored to be chosen for this award. Few people know, but I (Kellee) was inspired to pursue a career in interactive media by the incredible NYC experimental theatre group, The Wooster Group, of which Willem Dafoe is a founding member.  So this is a “woah, look how far we’ve come” moment. 


Unfortunately, I’m unable to attend due to a speaking engagement at the International Festival of Arts & Ideas (info on that to come), but Jenova will be there to represent and pass along on thanks to everyone involved!

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Thanks again, guys, for making Flower one of the top-selling games on PSN in April! 

Keep spreading the word! As you know, as a small developer, we depend on you telling your friends & family, writing about us on your facebook, twitter, personal blogs, or whatever newer version of all three you use.  We give you a shout out in our credits for “Flower,” and we mean it! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Kellee Santiago on Marcus’ Corner

Posted by on May 22nd, 2009


Kellee Santiago is interviewed by Mega64's Marcus


At this year’s Game Developer’s Conference, Co-Founder Kellee Santiago was accosted in a corner of the convention center by the hilarious team at Mega64.  


Click here to watch the interview.

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Robin Hunicke Joins TGC

Posted by on May 20th, 2009


hilarious image courtesy of

As announced on Kotaku today , Robin Hunicke (Producer, Boom Blox & Bash Party) is joining our little team, and we could not be more excited! Robin is an incredible designer, coder, and producer, and we just can’t wait to mine all of her talents.  On top of her work as Producer, she was lead designer on MySims,  organizer of the Experimental Gameplay Workshops, numerous game jams, and teacher. 

Pretty much, she rules. Welcome, Robin!

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Interview w/Lead Designer Nick Clark

Posted by on May 15th, 2009


The Game and Player site features a great interview with our lead designer Nick Clark.  An unsung hero of thatgamecompany, Nick both quit an internship at EA and took a semester off from college (we couldn’t convince him to drop out, ensuring our success as a company) to join us and take over as designer on flOw for the PS3.  Follow the link to read more about his beginnings and path at TGC through the last three years.

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