Flower PSN – $9.99

Posted by on January 22nd, 2009

Flower - Download from PlayStation Network Feb 12th

Flower - Download from PlayStation Network Feb 12th

We got confirmation that the price will be a cool $9.99.  That’s waaaaay cheaper than a Valentine’s Day date! So in these economic times, instead of going out to a movie,  download the game from the PlayStation Network Store on February 12th, invite the one(s) you love over for the weekend, and enjoy.

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Welcome to the New thatgamecompany Site!

Posted by on January 21st, 2009


… our regulars probably noticed that it was getting a bit quiet around here…. TOO quiet. That was because we were busy trying to make our website a bit classier.  Well, actually, Michael Heald and Adam Foster at Fully Illustrated were busy getting feedback from us while they did all the work. 

Our “About” page, bios, and “Jobs” section still have the same information, with a new polish to it. The biggest changes were made to our “Games” page. You can now read about each game, find out about the team members, and read reviews while watching videos or browsing through screenshots.  

For those here, we hope you enjoy it, and for those reading it on our Facebook page, come by and visit!

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Stop and Smell the Flower on PSN February 12th

Posted by on January 19th, 2009

Cross posted on the Playstation Blog.


Hi! I am really happy to finally let the internets know the official launch date for Flower. Hooray for releasing games (It’s really my favorite part)!

Flower is a tough game to describe. We like to think of it as a video game version of a poem; an exploration into the tension between urban bustle and natural serenity. Players accumulate flower petals as the onscreen world swings between the pastoral and the chaotic.
But even at E3 this year, a lot of the responses in the press were “it’s tough to describe… you just have to play it.” Because it’s not fair to only ask game journalists to try and describe such a different game, I’ve also asked all the people here at TGC to describe. To keep things even, they could only use 10 words – we’ve had more time to think about the game:

Nick Clark (Game Designer):
A windy journey that lets you flOw in 3D.

Martin Middleton (programmer extraordinaire):
We hope you enjoy our flowers.

Matt Nava (Lead Artist):
Flower’s simple concept conceals grander themes that will provoke thought.

Jenova Chen (Creative Director)
An interactive poem exploring the tension between urban & nature.

John (Lead Programmer) [John broke the rule, but earns points for style here]:
Flower, shower, power tower,
First class, string bass, grass en masse,
Sun, fun, nearly done,
Petal, metal, lightning gun?

Once the game is out, maybe I can get you all to submit your 10-word descriptions of the game, and we can see what comes out of it. (Yes, yes, snarky commenter, we know what you’re about to submit.) …I like to think that if we could have expressed it in words, we wouldn’t have made a game about it in the first place.

In honor of the announcement, we’ve got some gameplay footage over on the Playstation Blog.

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