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Under Development

Our next game after Journey is currently in development and will be self-published. Release date and platforms to be announced.

We're actively seeking talent to join us in making this game the best it can be. If you're interested in joining the creative team behind flOw, Flower, and Journey, we want to hear from you!


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is thatgamecompany working on next? Our next game is a very ambitious project to positively touch more players than ever before. We're exploring new technology and building on everything we've learned from our previous games in order to give the world the most beautiful and inspiring experience we can create.
  • What platforms will the game be on? The best platforms for this next game are still being decided as we continue to explore what the game will be. We can say it will be available on more platforms than we have developed for in the past.
  • Are you looking for a publisher for your next game? We will self-publish this next title instead of finding an outside publisher.
  • Why are you self-publishing? Self-publishing means we aren’t relying on a publisher to fund development and decide where and how to publish a game. We can remain independent, financially and creatively.
  • How are you funding the development for your next game if you are self-publishing? We received venture capital funding from Benchmark Capital in 2012 to fund development.

Development Team

  • Jenova Chen
  • Vincent Diamante
  • Russell Honor
  • Jacky Ke Jiang
  • Adam Lederer
  • Mike Lester
  • Sunni Pavlovic
  • Yuichiro Tanabe
  • Ian Lilley
  • Aaron Jessie
  • Tom Zhao
  • Jennie Kong
  • John Hughes
  • Erin Goldstein
  • Ritsu Mizutani
  • Eric Koch
  • Jeffrey Exterkate


      • Additional Developers
      • Nick Clark
      • John Edwards
      • Aaron Grommesh
      • Michael Highland
      • John Nesky
      • Richard Mitton
      • Logan Ver Hoef
      • Asher Vollmer
      • Tiffany Hayashi
      • Daniel Frisbie
      • Eric Lynum
      • Randy Gaul