Sample Feel Engineer Test


thatgamecompany’s hiring process involves a test of actual skills a feel engineer will use on a daily basis. The following is a sample of the kind of test successfully completed by every feel engineer hired by thatgamecompany:


Submit a 3D game prototype that uses interaction design and aesthetics to evoke in players a feeling of hopefulness. The prototype should feature a central character (not necessarily a person) that navigates through a 3D space.

We’re looking for a demonstration of your technical abilities as well as your design sensibilities so focus on interactive design and moment-to-moment feedback that best showcases your taste and skill set. We favor minimalist design, and would prefer to see a simple concept executed with a high level of polish and a sense of depth. Include any additional elements (objects, player mechanics, sound, etc.) as you see fit.

We want to see:

  • Emotion through motion and interaction
  • Technical wonder
  • Depth of moment-to-moment feedback
  • Thoughtful, cohesive design choices

Limit reliance on:

  • Explicit narrative (characters, plot, objectives)
  • Detailed models, animations, or textures
  • World/level layout

To showcase your technical abilities, we ask that you write your demo in C or C++ or Javascript/WebGL rather than using an off-the-shelf engine.