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Little is known exactly of Russell other than his mysterious and magical blood type.  He joined thatgamecompany after finishing his undergraduate studies at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate New York.  It was there he started the premiere secret game development cult the Arcane Kids, and was the junior co-treasurer of the campus’s most feared bike gang, the Road Dogs.  With the Arcane Kids he made the 2013™ IGF™ Best™ Student™ Game™ winner Zineth, amid great controversy. How could true art be the best game when games themselves are not art?  He is also a record holding oreo stacker for the particular walmart he did it in during 1998.  To say his life has peaked would be fair.

The only movie to ever make him cry was Edward Scissorhands.

He constantly fears everything he touches will explode into a mass of centipedes.