Aaron Jessie
Environment Artist

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Aaron Jessie is an Environment Artist responsible for creating TGC's visually compelling scenes, props and architecture. Born and raised in Southern California, Aaron’s early childhood fascination for technology and creativity formed his decision to join the game industry. This decision evolved into a desire to be part of a team moving the industry forward in new and inspiring directions. With this in mind, Aaron was quickly drawn to the online Flash prototype game flOw and the student developers behind it who went on to co-found thatgamecompany.

With a Bachelor of Science in Game Art & Design at The Art Institute of California – Los Angeles, Aaron was fortunate to have worked as Environment Artist on two BAFTA Best of Art award-winning projects: God of War III at Sony Santa Monica Studios and then Journey with thatgamecompany. Having worked on multiple other games since then, Aaron returned to thatgamecompany in 2015, fired up and ready to make this next title an inspiring experience players will remember for years to come.