We’re really excited to say that Flower will be a permanent part of The Smithsonian American Art Museum’s permanent collection!

This is different from The Art of Video Games exhibit that was in the same museum for half of 2012, which was only a temporary exhibit and is now traveling across the United States.  You can check out the locations that the exhibit will travel to by clicking right here.

Flower, together with Halo 2600, is currently being prepared to be displayed in Washington, D.C.  The new exhibit will be open to the public at a later date.  These two games are just the first in the collection, so expect to see more information about amazing games entering the museum in the future.

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Back in September, we asked you what questions you had for Composer Vincent Diamante (Cloud, Flower, New Game) and Feel Engineer Adam Lederer (New Game).  We picked some of the best answers and answered them.  Be prepared, though, because these are some epic answers:

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Flower PS4 PS3 PSVita

You’ve heard it right, folks!  Our first two PlayStation 3 games are now being ported over to the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita!  Check out this video for details:

Announcement Video - Link to YouTube

That’s right!  The PS Vita and PS4 versions of flOw and Flower will be completely free on  for all of you who purchased each respective game on the PlayStation Store.  If you bought flOw on the PS3, you’ll get it free for PS4 and PS Vita.  And if you are late to the game and buy Flower on PS4, you’ll get the PS3 and Vita versions for free. Flower will be released on both platforms on Nov. 15th, and flOw will be released on both platforms on Nov. 29th.

More details of the ports after the break:

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Journey CEWe’re glad to say that the Journey Collector’s Edition has been released physically in almost every region that PlayStation covers!  Americas, Asia (which excludes Japan), and now Europe (which includes Australia, New Zealand, and some other areas).

The Collector’s Edition was recently released on the PlayStation Network in the European region and was released on disc last month.  It’s available in the United Kingdom for £15.99 and is available in the rest of the European region for 19.99.  Other countries will have similar pricing.  (The disc may not be available in some countries that are part of the SCEE region, but the PSN version is available in every country.)

The European version is the same as the American and Asian releases, but the EU PSN version doesn’t include the PlayStation Plus Trial nor the avatars.  The Physical version includes the avatars but not the PS+ Trial.

We don’t have much at all to do with where the CE gets released as Sony is handling everything on that side.  We are very thankful for all the great people at Sony Europe that pushed the release through the European region and worked out everything between manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.  It’s just amazing seeing people from all over the world tweeting, messaging, and posting all over the internet about how they have bought the disc.

Acceptance of the Void

On another note, Sony and Matt Nava have worked with Cook and Becker to produce high quality, limited edition, Giclee prints from Journey.  These include some of the most memorable scenes from Journey, as well as some concept art.

Click through to see some more images.

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Today’s release of the Journey Collector’s Edition Blu-ray marks a very proud and exciting day for us here at thatgamecompany.

Nice design, eh? The above booklet features a nice backstory for all of our games.

From the moment a thatgamecompany anthology was first discussed, to later down the line when I was brought into the equation to work along with the team and Sony Santa Monica as we put together this amazing package of content – every one of us has anticipated the day when our great effort and care would translate into something any one of us could hold in our hands.

My colleague Asher and I made a special trip to our local game store to make our day one purchase!

Today is that day, and we couldn’t be more pleased with how our first disc title has come together. We hope the same holds true for everyone who picks up a copy of the Journey Collector’s Edition.

For any of you fortunate enough to be attending PAX Prime in Seattle, WA, this weekend, keep a lookout for me in my bright new TGC shirt (pictured below, far right)! Please be sure to come over and say hi and pick up a TGC sticker from me, too!

We had a blast racking up points in Gravediggers, one of our mini-games in the disc collection.

It’s been a great day, and we’re absolutely thrilled to keep at it so we can create even more games that will respect, entertain, and engage players in new, meaningful, and positive ways.

To cap off this post, let me leave you with the Journey Collector’s Edition Official Trailer Video:

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