Featured Fan Art – My Mom

Posted by on October 20th, 2009

My mom sent these M&M’s to our office today. So awesome!


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This past weekend I was honored to join a lively discussion with the guys at Big Red Potion on powerful emotional moments we’ve experiences in video games. I think all of the guests managed to surprise the hosts with our choices, as we discuss Jason Rohrer’s Passage, Dragon Quest V, and Secret of Mana.

Click here to listen!

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Featured Fan Art: Gabriel Gustavo Gaete

Posted by on October 10th, 2009

A panel from "Impressions of Flower"

A panel from "Impressions of Flower"

Gabriel Gustavo Gaete, aka Treee, and I met at the IngiteLA blog a couple of months back. He handed me his “business card” – small comic panels connected together with string. I gushed over it so much he gave me two more, and the three together became our first art work to be hung up in the new space.

To add to everything, he just published another work on his blog that illustrates his experience of the game, “Flower.” Check it out!

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flOw Trophies Now Live in North America!

Posted by on October 9th, 2009

They have arrived! You can now download a patch to “flOw” that will add wonderfully flOw-themed trophies to your game. The UK & Europe will be seeing them in the next couple of weeks, but we don’t have a hard date yet on when they’ll be out.

Happy flOwing!

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Robin Hunicke Will Be Blooming @ GameCity

Posted by on October 9th, 2009


Press release via theĀ GameCity website:

“Earlier this year, a few weeks after having been on a panel with Jenova Chen at Develop, I fired off a late night speculative ‘why don’t you come and do something brilliant at GameCity’ email – as I frequently do in the early hours.

A few hours later, I got up and found a brilliant email waiting.

ThatGameCompany is coming to GameCity – here’s the press release…”

GameCity is equal parts proud and delighted to be able to announce the attendance of the acclaimed ThatGameCompany to GameCity Squared. TGC’s Robin Hunicke will be taking part in a number of events throughout the week, culminating on the Thursday evening with ‘Night Blooms’, a unique evening performance of ‘Flower’ in Nottingham City Centre. A building’s interior will be entirely transformed as Flower is played and the air fills with petals.

“Every year we try and work with the most creative, innovative and impassioned artists that we can, I can’t think of any company that embodies those kind of passions more than ThatGameCompany. I’m genuinely ecstatic that they’re able not just to visit us, but to participate in such a special event”, said GameCity director Iain SImons.

“We’re delighted to join GameCity in celebrating the cultural value of gaming,” said Kellee Santiago, co-founder and president. “At ThatGameCompany, we explore what video games can communicate, in order to bring fresh experiences to a broader audience. GameCity is the perfect place for us to share Flower with fans and new players alike.”

Night Blooms will be taking place at GameCity Squared, 29th October at 7pm.

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