Congrats to our #1 Fan

Posted by on November 7th, 2008

Amish, you've done it again!

Apparently, *somebody* has made a level in Little Big Planet called “thatgamecompany,” and said level made it onto 1Up's Ten Favorite User-Generated LBP Levels List!

“7) by Amish_Granish

While we haven't received official confirmation as to whether or not this stage actually hails from thatgamecompany, the developer of Sony's offbeat PSN fare such as flOw and the upcoming Flower , it certainly appears to. And even if the level itself feels a tad simple and insubstantial, it contains visual nods to those two games, along with some neat thatgamecompany-inspired unlockable items. Assuming that this is a legit creation from the developer, it bodes well for other game creators to join the LBP fray. “

Maybe *somebody* could send us some pics/video for those of us who haven't checked it out yet?

And for those of you that have – I hope it's one of your favs, too!

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