Okay, I promise I will eventually stop putting up posts that are solely about congratulating ourselves, but seriously there is so much good news already in 2008 I'm actually holding back on some of it!

Austin Wintory, the composer of “flOw”, also recently composed music for the Jordanian film, “Captain Abu Raed.” At Sundance, it got seven screenings, which is fantastic in and of itself, but it also went on to win the Audience Choice Award!

It's also getting really fantastic reviews, and the production team is in negotiations for worldwide distribution, including the U.S. so keep an eye out for it.

Congratulations, Austin!

Here's an interview with the director of the film.


Austin's work on flOw has been nominated for an Audio G.A.N.G. Award as Best Interactive Score. Austin has also been nominated for Rookie of the Year! He was definitely our favorite rookie of 2007. =)

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flOw received not one, not two, but THREE nominations for Game Developers Choice Awards! flOw is up for Best Debut, Innovation, and Best Downloadable Game. Thank you to everyone that went and voted for us! And if you're going to be at the GDC this year, please let us know so we can say hi!

For a full list of nominees, click here.

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flOw Nominated for AIAS Award

Posted by on January 17th, 2008


flOw has been nominated by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences for Downloadable Game of the Year!

Wow. It's really just such an honor.

The AIAS Awards are held every year during the D.I.C.E. Summit in Las Vegas. We're not big gamblers, but maybe we'll start a pool on who's going to win this year?

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Hao Cui is Pretty Good at Photography, Too

Posted by on January 14th, 2008

On Saturday night, the Los Angeles Amateur Photography Club held their annual showcase in Downtown LA. Our Art Director extraordinaire, Hao Cui, had two photos in the exhibition, one of which is pictured here with Hao:

Hao and "The Doctor"
Hao Cui with “The Doctor”

It was a really good show, and it was awesome to see Hao getting accolaides for one of his many other talents. That's why we love him – he is really quite good at just about everything you could want an artist to do.

You can see both photos in this slideshow of all the photos exhibited. Hao's are #25 & #26, “skyline” and “The Doctor.”

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on Chris Hecker's blog, via Jon Blow's

We've been without internet here at TGC for the last three days, which the IGF Finalists should be thrilled with because I ended up playing all of their games(minus the web-based)…. a LOT. Now that we're back, I was cruising through the indie gamer blogs and discovered Jon Blow's criticism of this article on GameCareerGuide.com, which was then reprinted on Gamasutra, which gave some advice to people wanting to break into the industry. Chris Hecker put together a NEW list, after a conversation between him and Jonathan Blow, which I would call the REAL New Year's Resolutions for Game Industry Newbies.

From Hecker's post:

“I'm sorry, and no offense intended to the good folks at CMP who I love like family, but this list is misguided at best, and slightly harmful to people who want to get into the industry at worst.

I mean, hello? How about make a game?

For Hecker's full list, click here.

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