Congrats to our #1 Fan

Posted by on November 7th, 2008

Amish, you've done it again!

Apparently, *somebody* has made a level in Little Big Planet called “thatgamecompany,” and said level made it onto 1Up's Ten Favorite User-Generated LBP Levels List!

“7) by Amish_Granish

While we haven't received official confirmation as to whether or not this stage actually hails from thatgamecompany, the developer of Sony's offbeat PSN fare such as flOw and the upcoming Flower , it certainly appears to. And even if the level itself feels a tad simple and insubstantial, it contains visual nods to those two games, along with some neat thatgamecompany-inspired unlockable items. Assuming that this is a legit creation from the developer, it bodes well for other game creators to join the LBP fray. “

Maybe *somebody* could send us some pics/video for those of us who haven't checked it out yet?

And for those of you that have – I hope it's one of your favs, too!

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Upcoming TGC Events

Posted by on September 10th, 2008

MIT Tech Con:
Sept 23 -25
Jenova is going to accept his award as being named by Technology Review as one of the Top 35 Innovators of the year. He’ll be speaking briefly on what it is he’s innovating.

Wired NextFest
Sept 26 – 28
Kellee is going for the opening weekend of WNF (it runs 3 weeks total) to set up a Flower kiosk (yes, interactive!), and demo it.

IMPRINT CultureLab
Los Angeles
Oct 1
Jenova is going to sit on a panel with designers from EA and Harmonix and discuss what the unique challenges are in development in differently sized teams.>

Tokyo Game Show
I think you know about this one by now ;-)

IndieCade Festival
Bellevue, Washington
Oct 11-12
Jenova or will be talking with Kim Swift of Portal fame on what it’s like working with a large publisher.

Hope to see you at one or all of these! =)

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flOw in a UMD Bundle Set for Europe

Posted by on September 5th, 2008

So… yeah, some of you might have seen this article on Kotaku announcing a UMD bundle by SCEE. Well, the article is how we found out about it, too!

Here’s the rundown:

“The PlayStation Network Collection releases, unearthed by Siliconera, consist of one Power Pack, containing flOw, Syphon Filter: Combat Ops and Beats, and the Puzzle Pack, featuring Lemmings, Go! Puzzle and Go! Sudoku.”

So… yeah, it has been confirmed here (after some hectic phone calling and emailing), but no, we don’t have a price point as of yet. This could be a good thing, though, as the current method of downloading games to your PSP is pretty complicated, and not Mac-friendly, so all of these games could benefit from exposure through the more traditional UMD format. It is SCEE-only right now, with no word on other territories following Europe’s lead on this one. But it seems like you’ll hear about it before we do, so if you pick up on something feel free to post it on our forums.

And hopefully people who wouldn’t have thought of flOw before might give it a whirl and find out they kinda like it, too. =)

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Flower @ Wired NextFest 2008

Posted by on August 29th, 2008

Flower has been selected as part of this year’s Wired NextFest show in Chicago. We’re pretty stoked to

a)check out something called Brainball
b)get to go to Chicago, and
c)get to hang out there with fellow USC alumni, the Winterbottom team!

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Jenova Chen Recognized in TR35 2008

Posted by on August 21st, 2008


Los Angeles, CA | August 19, 2008 | Jenova Chen has been recognized by Technology Review magazine as one of the world’s top innovators under the age of 35 for co-founding thatgamecompany and his innovative approach for creating video games. Selected from more than 300 nominees by a panel of expert judges and the editorial staff of Technology Review, the TR35 is an elite group of accomplished young innovators who exemplify the spirit of innovation.

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