flOw and TGC on Wall Street Journal

Posted by on November 27th, 2006

Game Theory
How a Grad-School Thesis Theory
Evolved Into a PlayStation 3 Game

Eager gamers don't need to scour eBay or retail outlets to sample a game for Sony Corp.'s PlayStation 3. Thanks to a graduate study on “flow theory,” a prototype of a future downloadable title is already finding success on the Web…
Full article here…

So far this is the best article I have ever read that fully explains what flOw is. Kudos to the reporter Aaron Rutkoff.

Oops! Slashdoted…server crashed…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by on November 23rd, 2006


Here are some Thanksgiving games you can play “offline” today, in honor of the holiday.

Although, I can't really talk, since I know I will be spending some Wii time with the family. (I want to put it to the true test and have my parents use it!)

Happy Turkey Day (although I'm a vegetarian so it's more “Happy Veggie Stuffing Day”)! Hope it is a restful one for ya!

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On Console Wars

Posted by on November 21st, 2006

I really thought it was just going to be over once the consoles all launched. Like a group of hungry people who have finally been served, everyone would just be quiet and eat their food.

But not so. Already, there are articleson how the PS3 isn't living up to the hype. Granted, this was probably due to a lot of poor marketing choices on Sony's part. But what happened to it being about the GAMES. The critic takes three lines to note that, hey, he did actually enjoy PLAYING games on the thing.

This is life in the post-iPod world, though. Now that everyone is a digital user, everyone is a digital critic. There can't be more than one console, more than one mp3 player, more than one handheld gaming device.

I guess the media has to talk about SOMETHING, but critics like this guy bug the heck out of me.

Just calm down. Enojy the fact that you got paid to play video games for 30 hours last week.

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Launch Fever!

Posted by on November 16th, 2006

Last night my friend and I went to check out the line outside of Best Buy and tell people about flOw. My friend grabbed some footage:

Around 150 people were camped outside. The guy at the front had been there since Monday night! It was pretty cool to see people so excited; I just love gamers.

Now, I do believe that there is plenty of room in this world for three consoles, and I do not support the console war in any way. However, it was neat when we asked the people in line if they were also getting a Wii and they responded with, “No way! PS3 rules!”

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We got an awesome mention yesterday on the gaming and digital entertainment site, threespeech:


In this interview, Sony corporate executive Phil Harrison discusses Sony's initiative to use the digital distribution arena as a playground for innovative and experimental content.

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